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YBGHX800FB explosion proof color high temperature TV monitoring system

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Product Profile @   nbsp; YBGHX800FB explosion-proof color high temperature television monitoring system (700TVL high definition) can be widely used in thermal power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass smelting, cement manufacturing and other industrial fields of high temperature environment site. The equipment meets the requirements of GB3836.1-2000 "General Requirements for Explosive Environmental Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment" and GB3836.2-2000 "Flame-proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Circumferential Filling Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment" and its explosion-proof grade is d | | CT6. @   nbsp; based on the electric transformation, the equipment abandoned the motor chain drive and replaced the rodless cylinder as the actuator of the withdrawal device to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by sparks when the motor started, and adopted the anti-fine electromagnetic valve to control the cylinder to improve the safety. @   nbsp; the system uses PLC control technology to automatically control the extension and exit of the camera and lens parts, in the system power supply, compressed air supply problems and probe cover temperature beyond the scope of the mechanism can be automatically withdrawn from the furnace, the equipment plays an automatic protection role. The device with its own gas storage can provide compressed air for the cylinder 
without interrupting the external gas source, and can still perform the extension and exit actions many times. Technical features 
1, strictly in accordance with explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof performance is reliable, with its own gas storage tank, after gas shutdown can still be repeated action 
2, stainless steel mirror tube is strong and durable, a variety of lengths can be selected, suitable for furnace wall thickness of 200-500 mm Type 
3, high-temperature resistant all-stainless steel materials, molded manufacturing, using vortex refrigeration tube, will be Cooling gas cooling above 20 degrees Celsius, higher heat resistance; 

4, double compressed air, spiral curtain design, lens no ash, long-term maintenance-free; 

5, sapphire high-temperature lens, good temperature resistance, in the absence of cooling conditions can be short-term work at 400 degrees Celsius; 

6, programmed control, endoscope in under-voltage, overtemperature failure automatically back. The equipment works well. Technical index 

1, with wide flame brightness observation performance: can clearly observe the whole process from ignition to normal combustion 
2, the system can still work at 1800 C by using compressed air forced cooling to protect pinhole lens and camera. Automatic advance and retreat devices: pneumatic automatic advance and retreat devices, in the system under-voltage, over-temperature, power failure to ensure that the pinhole head and camera back to a safe position. 

4, true color, high definition; vivid color, vivid color and high definition. 

5, with fault alarm and automatic protection function 

6, with good fit, reliability and maintainability. 

1, furnace wall opening diameter 120mm 
2, important calculation of the scope of view hole, construction according to the diagram,  , 

3, control box and automatic exit device within 10 meters, between the transition through the distribution pipe, 4, substrate and furnace wall welding fixed, requirements Full welding 

4, system installation 


@ 5, before ventilation, shut off the globe valve, open the drain valve to drain all the dirt in the pipeline, and then pass the cooling gas into the equipment 
@ 6, the compressed air pipeline in the drawing is laid on the spot by the demander except for the winding pipe which is brought by the equipment. 

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