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Product name:

SG-FL520 endoscopic high temperature industrial TV

Product model: SG-FL520
Product introduction:

It is suitable for industrial furnace such as heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace and so on.

 SG-FL520 high temperature Industrial television equipment is a special closed-circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. Especially suitable for steel plant heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, and other industrial high temperature furnace (furnace wall thickness of about 500 mm). It is more widely used when water cooling is not appropriate (in the north, where water resources are scarce and water pipes are prone to burst in winter). @  for oil, coal, gas furnace, the equipment only uses compressed air, no water, can directly extend the camera lens to the furnace (below 2000) continuous real-time monitoring furnace material heating, annealing, steel tube feeding, discharging and combustion flame shape. @  in view of the scientific design of air distribution, a rotating wind curtain is formed in front of the lens, which increases the intensity and sweeping area of the wind curtain, effectively stops the contact between the dust in the furnace and the lens objective lens, and achieves a better dust-resistant and dust-proof effect. The system can run continuously and steadily for a long time without any maintenance. @the system uses PLC control technology to automatically control the camera and lens part of the extension and withdrawal, in the system power supply, compressed air supply problems and probe cover temperature beyond the scope of the mechanism can be automatically withdrawn from the furnace, the equipment plays an automatic protection role. Main features: 
@   suitable for furnace wall thickness of 500 mm or so furnace type   &   &   &   &   &   &   
  &   &   &   &   &   &   &   &   &   spircurtaindesign, the lens does not accumulateash @   @   sapphigh temperature lens   &   sappnbsp; ; nbsp; and 
whole stainlsteel; corrosion resistance and temperature resistance @   direct-view endoscope head  sp;  PLC programmed control @   automatic exit protection device, exit fault finger Nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; motor self-locking transmission

  main performance indicators:

product model @ SG-FL520 endoscopic high-temperature industrial television equipment
  furnace temperature @   < 2000 @   control system  
  @ automatic exit Device @   automatic withdrawal function @   probe can automatically withdraw from furnace when power cut, gas cut and temperature exceed (UPS power supply is needed for power cut and withdrawal) @   withdrawal device trip @   500mm @   manual withdrawal function @   control device @ PLC programmable control @   8 inputs and 6 outputs; Two-level control @   two-level control

  can realize the two-place operation
@ @   supply voltage   supply voltage
  supply voltage  
  AC220V @10 @   @   supply frequency @   50Hz
& compressair
  @   inlepressure @   0.3-0.7 MPa @   @0.1-0.4M3/min Image indicators
@   resolution   @   resolution   @   cable configuration @   power cable @   power cable @   power cable   480 line
@   @   signal-noise ratio   @   42db field of view
  @   random configuration   17 @ - 81C
@   @   cable configuration @ & bsp; SYV-75-5 @   control cable @   AVPV6 x0.5 @ base Plate cooling water requirements   flow   0.2M3 / h
vortex tube @ compressed air inlet greater than 0.35MP, compressed air outlet temperature difference is 23 degrees
installation distance     control device to automatic exit device as far as 10M, the center control to the scene as 250M
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