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Product name:

Endoscopic high temperature industrial TV

Product model: YB-FL800G series
Product introduction:

 YB-FL800G endoscopic kiln fire watching high temperature Industrial television equipment is a special closed-circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. Especially suitable for steel plant heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, and other industrial high temperature furnace (furnace wall thickness is about 700mm). It is more widely used when water cooling is not appropriate (in the north, where water resources are scarce and water pipes are prone to burst in winter). For fuel, coal, gas furnace, the equipment can directly extend the camera lens into the furnace, in the central control room continuous real-time monitoring of the flame in the furnace, can clearly observe the four burning nozzles and each nozzle distribution in the corner of the furnace flame shape, for the fuel nozzle atomization is not. Good, oil leakage causes blocked fire, reduced flame and bad nozzle air distribution causes excessive flame and tube licking phenomenon, furnace tube deformation, sintering and tube bursting accidents can be real-time monitoring and timely treatment to prevent furnace accidents, to ensure the reliability of boiler furnace economic operation, but also easy to achieve centralized scheduling and production. Automation of production process. In view of the scientific design of air distribution, a rotating wind curtain is formed in front of the lens, which increases the intensity and sweeping area of the wind curtain, effectively stops the contact between the dust in the furnace and the lens objective lens, and achieves a better dust-resistant and dust-proof effect. The system can run continuously and steadily for a long time without any maintenance. 
  nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; the system uses PLC control technology to automatically control the camera and lens part of the extension and withdrawal, in the system power supply, compressed air supply problems and probe cover temperature beyond the scope of automatic withdrawal mechanism from the furnace, to play an automatic protection role to the equipment. @ performance index: 
Nbsp;   product model

YB-FL800G endoscopic high temperature industrial television equipment @     use of ambient temperature @   furnace temperature @   < 2000 @   control system @   < 70 @       automatic exit device; automatic exit function @   @   blackout of power, overheating and overheating Sometimes a probe can automatically withdraw from the furnace (power cut and exit need to add UPS power supply) @   withdrawal device stroke   700mm @   manual extension and exit function @   there is @     control device @   PLC programmable control   @   nbsp; eight inputs and six outputs @   two-level control @   it can be realized. Field central control two operation   &   &   power supply requirements
  supply voltage @   supply voltage @   supply voltage @   AC220V @10 @   @   supply frequency @   50Hz @   &   supply requirements @   compressed air inlepressure @   0.3 ~ 0.7 MPa
  compressed air inletemperature
@   @nbsp; 0.1-0.4 M3/min
@   &  &   image index   resolution
@   480 line   signal-to-noise ratio
@   42db   &     field angle @   random configuration   17 @ - 81C
@   &   &   cable configuration   cable configuration @   power supply X1 @   video cable @   SYV-75-5 @   control cable
AVPV6 *0.5 @  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , &  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , & temperature difference at the compressor air outletoutletoutletis 23 @
 , &  ,  ,  ,  , & nIn the meantime, it is necessary to study the relationship between the two. The most distant site is 250M .
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