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Product name:

Color high resolution intense light suppression camera

Product model: Color high resolution
Product introduction:

1/3-inch color high-resolution high-intensity suppression Camera   nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; model

  CYB-63V5HP @ function description: @ @ has the edge sharpness compensation function, the hidden color signal generation (COLOR BAR) function, masking suppression high-intensity function. Nbsp; nbsp;       parameter:

image sensor: 1/3 inch

CCD total pixel: 795 (horizontal) X 596 (vertical) (PAL) / 811 (horizontal) X 508 (vertical) (NTSC)

scanning system: 625 lines, 50 fields / seconds (PAL) / 525 lines, 60 fields / seconds (NTSC)

synchronization system: internal synchronization / vertical synchronization locking / external synchronization (selective) Function 
Minimum Illumination: 0.8 Lux (F1.2,5600oK) 
Minimum Illumination Starlight Mode: 0.008 Lux (F1.2,5600oK) 
Horizontal Intelligence: 520/580 Line (Digital Signal Enhancement Processing) 
White Balance Mode: Automatic Tracking / Manual Locking / Fixed Color Temperature (Colorless Rolling) 
White Balance Range: 3200-10000 @ K@ Gain Control Mode: Selected by Screen Single Selection Control 
Gain Control Range: 0-18dB
SNR: 52dB (Minimum) / 60dB (Maximum) (Automatic Gain Closure) 
Electronic Shutter: 1/50-1/120,000 seconds continuous (PAL) / 1/60-1/120,000 seconds continuous (NTSC) 
automatic aperture: Video Drive / Electronic Shutter / DC Drive 
Screen menu displays all control options Menu selection display 
5 key switch: screen display control panel 
non-flicker function: screen menu selection control 
mirror function: screen menu selection control 
image enhancement function: screen menu selection control 
digital amplification (2 times) function: screen menu selection control 
backlight compensation function: screen menu selection control 
backlight compensation function Selection Control, 48 Programmable Area 
Color Stripe Signal: Control 
Negative Film Function by Screen Menu Selection: Control 
Area Mask Function by Screen Menu Selection: Control by Screen Menu Selection 
Automatic Gain Control Adjustment: Control by Screen Menu Selection 
Screen Freezing Function: External Trigger or Control by Screen Menu Selection Mobile Detection 
RS-232C I/F: DIM Connector 
Strong Light Suppression Function: Screen menu selection control 
Video output: Composite image signal output, 1.0Vp-p at 75Ohm 
Gamma correction: 0.45 
working environment temperature: -20 @ to + 50 
working environment humidity: 85% RH below 
power supply: DC 12V/DC AC 24 V 
power: 250 mA 
@   1. Intelligent strong light suppression function (this camera can be used for shading and suppressing strong light in the dark and under strong light sources). @   2. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor in different environments, and the function of shading and restraining strong light can be fine-tuned. 
  three. It has the function of compensating the sharpness of the edges of the picture, which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. COLOR BAR function, which mainly helps to confirm the normal color and brightness of Monitor image when installed. 







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