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F100A/B flameproof camera

Product model: F100A/B flameproof
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@ mine flameproof camera is one of the class I explosion-proof monitoring equipment, its explosion-proof performance meets GB 3836.1-2010 "explosive environment part 1: General requirements for equipment"  , GB3836.2-2010 "explosive environment part 2: equipment protected by explosion-proof enclosure" or GB3836.4-2010 The fourth part of explosive environment is related to the equipment protected by intrinsically safe "I". Class I monitoring equipment for coal mines and Class II monitoring equipment for other explosive gases except coal mines. Class II monitoring equipment for explosive gas mixtures can be divided into II I A, II B and II C according to the maximum test safety clearance or minimum ignition current ratio applicable to their sites. According to their maximum surface temperature, they are divided into six groups: T1 to T6. 
F100A/B Flameproof Camera

Generally, no matter what kind of flameproof cameras are, most of them have the characteristics of ordinary video signal output, Ethernet port output and Ethernet optical signal output. Users can choose the output mode according to their actual situation. The equipment has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high definition and long transmission distance. Class I is suitable for the environment containing coal dust and methane explosion mixture. Class II is suitable for environments with explosive gases or dust (typical hazards such as hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, ethanol (alcohol), coke oven gas, wood powder, metal powder, etc.). Reference GB3836.14-2010 "fourteenth parts of electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres: classification of dangerous places". gq9msI9OQhg=

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