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S700 anticorrosive infrared integrated camera

Product model: S700
Product introduction:

anti-corrosion infrared integrated camera compared with traditional cameras, infrared integrated camera is small, beautiful, in the installation of advantages, more convenient, its power supply, video, control signals have direct sockets, unlike traditional cameras have trouble connecting. Integral camera imaging system (lens), CCD, DSP technology patents are mastered by international well-known factories, compared with traditional cameras, the quality of integrated camera can be better controlled. At the same time, the integrated camera has wide monitoring range and high cost performance. The traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough to require manual focusing, and the greatest advantage of the integrated camera is that it has automatic focusing function. Can achieve good waterproof function is also one of the characteristics of the infrared integrated camera, the integrated camera outdoor shape has waterproof function, and the traditional camera needs to work with the platform, protective cover to achieve waterproof function. Now there are more diving integrated cameras specially developed for underwater operations.

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@ in addition, the infrared integrated camera can automatically turn on when the illumination is lower than a certain value or even at night to achieve stable imaging effect. @   nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; infrared integrated cameras are mostly used in government projects, high-grade high-rise buildings, as well as shopping malls, schools, hotels, Hotel lobbies, and other places with high environmental requirements, such as hospital operating rooms, and low temperature, electric spark-proof explosion-proof products. Other professional use of integrated cameras, such as military, aviation, polar, seabed, biochemical environment, etc., because of different uses, corresponding to different special functions, such as anti-high pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and so on. TKnJOPfUlz8=

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