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Product name:

Mine flameproof camera

Product model: Mining type
Product introduction:

 @ mine flameproof camera is one of the class I explosion-proof monitoring equipment, its explosion-proof performance meets GB 3836.1-2010 "explosive environment part 1: General requirements for equipment"  , GB3836.2-2010 "explosive environment part 2: equipment protected by explosion-proof enclosure" or GB3836.4-2010 The fourth part of explosive environment is related to the equipment protected by intrinsically safe "I". @   nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; explosion-proof monitoring equipment is divided into class I coal mine monitoring equipment and class II other explosive gas environment monitoring equipment except coal mine monitoring equipment, while class II explosion-proof monitoring equipment according to the maximum test safety clearance or minimum ignition current ratio of explosive gas mixture applicable to their site, is divided into II A, II B, II B, and II B. II C three classes, and according to the maximum surface temperature, they are divided into six groups: T1 to T6. 
Mine Flameproof Camera Selection Notes: 

  Mine Flameproof Camera Selection must meet the safety standards of the use of the site, such as explosion-proof type and flameproof type of grade, group. When there are explosive mixtures of two or more different levels and groups in the area, the appropriate explosion-proof type should be selected according to the higher dangerous level and group. 
Mine flameproof camera @   nbsp; nbsp;   nbsp; some petrochemical plants corrosive gases and liquids are more serious, should choose stainless steel mine flameproof cameras; mine flameproof cameras with security risks can not be used, the use of outdoor mine flameproof cameras must have a strong waterproof performance; explosion-proof products have signs and labels The sign (nameplate or warning board) is made of copper. In addition to the product model, specifications, the name of the manufacturer, the date of departure or the number of the factory, the content of the sign has the "Ex" sign, explosion-proof sign and explosion-proof certificate number. The explosion-proof electrical products imported from abroad must be tested and approved by China's explosion-proof quality inspection organization.

        carefully distinguish fake and shoddy products. The main performance is that there is no explosion-proof certificate number on the sign, forged explosion-proof certificate number, no manufacturer, rough workmanship. @ according to their own installation of mine flameproof camera environment to choose the corresponding explosion-proof grade of the camera, and when purchasing to choose the quality of qualified and through the national explosion-proof quality inspection of high-quality products, in order to fundamentally eliminate security risks and reduce the occurrence of accidents.


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