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Vortex cooling tube

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YB-LG-1 scroll refrigeration tubes all adopt American high-tech technology, using the principle of gas expansion and heat absorption to cool the gas temperature, the effect is quite obvious, the maximum temperature difference can reach 23 C, suitable for high temperature environment gas cooling. YB-LG-1 scroll refrigeration tube is a highly efficient, reliable and economical refrigeration device. It uses only compressed air as its power source. It is widely used in high temperature and harsh environment (such as steel, cement, paper, building materials, chemical and other industries). It provides cooling capacity for important electronic instruments and is used in all our products. The product can be used in a better cooling effect. Principle: 

  nbsp; nbsp; nbsp Rotate the speed and rotate it to the cold air end of the vortex tube (left side). During this process, the two streams of air exchange heat, the inner loop air flow becomes very cold, from the left out, the outer loop air flow becomes very hot, from the right out. The temperature and flow volume of the cold air flow can be controlled by adjusting the hot gas valve of the vortex tube. The higher the ratio of hot gas outlet to hot gas outlet, the lower the temperature and the flow rate of the cold gas outlet. Z4JI3TsK2xs=TKnJOPfUlz8=

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