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Have you “get” reached the high temperature monito

Source: time: 2021-09-18

First of all, we need to select the appropriate size according to the actual situation, and then compare the technical indicators and functions of various LCDs. The main performance indicators include: (resolution, contrast, brightness, dot pitch, response time, viewing angle, visual size, (Machine power consumption, etc.)

Viewable area: This is a problem that is often ignored by people. It is also called the actual display size. It is calculated in terms of the size of LCD monitors, such as 21-inch LCD monitors. 21-inch refers to the diagonal of the product shell. The size is 21 inches, and the actual display size needs to be calculated by removing the frame, that is, measuring the length of the diagonal inside the frame. In general, all manufacturers can fully guarantee or exceed the outer size. But the actual display size is what this monitor serves for customers. The actual display size of Tiger's 21-inch LED LCD monitor can reach 20.89 inches, which is similar to the normal 22-inch visual size. It is the largest of the same type of products.

Viewing angle: The viewing angle is a non-negligible part of the security industry monitor. The viewing angle will affect the image viewing effect, and even produce blind spots for visual viewing. There are many monitors on the market that use ordinary civilian LCD screens to act as security LCD monitors, with extremely poor viewing angles. Hujiang LCD monitors use industrial-grade LCD panels, with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, and the image is clearly visible regardless of standing at any angle

Color reproduction: At present, some monitors do not do well in color reproduction. First of all, they use a limited video drive scheme, which makes the signal from the front-end camera and the color on the monitor very different, which completely does not conform to industry standards. The Tiger monitor adopts a self-developed high-definition video drive solution, 3D digital comb filter, 3D digital noise reduction, and 10-bit LCD panel drive, making the picture quality and color reproduction second to none in the industry, and can stand the comparison PK.

Power consumption: LCD monitors are a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. With the elimination of CRT monitors, LCD technology continues to improve, making LCD monitors popular in future projects. Its low power consumption performance meets national energy-saving and environmental protection standards. Advocate a low-carbon economy.

Contrast: The higher the contrast, the stronger the sense of image hierarchy. The LCD monitors on the market generally have a contrast ratio of more than 500:1. Hujiang LCD monitors exclusively use H3D technology to improve the dynamic contrast of the product and make the product image more layered. .

Stability: The monitor is the eye of the entire monitoring system when it is necessary to raise soldiers for thousands of days and use them for a while, and it must operate stably at critical times. Security monitors need to work uninterrupted 24 hours a day. In addition to meeting the needs of 24-hour monitoring, all indicators can be fully met, and they can operate stably in a variety of complex security monitoring engineering environments.

Resolution: The first thing to consider when looking at the effect of a monitor is the resolution. The higher the resolution, the more delicate the output signal. At present, many front-end products in the industry support video signals in formats such as D1.H.264.720P.1080I.1080P. As a back-end signal output product, it has strict requirements on various resolutions. Not all monitors on the market can Supporting the video signals of the above several formats, after 3 years of customer research and development, Hujiang products are compatible with the output of various video signal formats at the same time.

Changzhou Yabin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development of heating furnace industrial TVs, high-temperature industrial TVs, and high-temperature monitoring system products. It has been well received among peers for its professional high-temperature monitoring and high-temperature camera technology. Welcome to inquire about high-temperature monitoring information.

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