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What is the role of high-temperature industrial TV

Source: time: 2021-09-06

What is the role of high-temperature industrial TV in the glass factory? The combustion of the glass furnace enables the TV to monitor the flame burning, the flow state of the glass liquid level is fully monitored, and the operable working state is monitored. It is of great significance to increase productivity and improve product quality.
issues that need resolving:
1. Due to the high furnace temperature, the camera protective film must adopt a dual cooling method of water cooling and co-cooling, and work normally at a furnace temperature of 1600 degrees.
2. The process structure and materials of the water-cooled cover must be guaranteed. Otherwise, it is easy to burn and leak water and damage the working condition of the furnace.
3. Choose the installation location correctly. Otherwise, the working surface cannot be observed.

4. Convenient maintenance, long-term use of the equipment under high ambient temperature can easily cause dirt accumulation, and quick work for daily maintenance. This is because the design of equipment manufacturing needs to consider quick-insertion connectors.

1. Real-time monitoring of the furnace condition of the glass furnace
In the glass factory smelting furnace, you can clearly observe the bubble dividing line and the distribution position of the material pile, as well as the work of the burning flame of each small furnace. The abrasion and corrosion of the walls of the blast furnace can also be observed.
Product selection type: It is a well-known domestic brand at present, and it is two kinds of high-temperature industrial TV equipment developed by Changzhou Wanbang Discharge Freedom Co., Ltd.
Electric inner view type (corner type) is suitable for furnace wall thickness of 600mm. According to the on-site environment, air and water double cooling protection can be used to achieve good results.
Pneumatic inner tube type with furnace wall thickness of 400mm,
Selection type description: The glass furnace is mainly used to observe and monitor the changes of the flame and foam line in the blast furnace.
Pigeon glass factory is affected by environmental temperature, generally choose two kinds of equipment, adopt fixed installation and water cooling method. The ambient temperature of the float glass factory is relatively low, and the on-site environmental conditions are relatively good. Electric type or fixed type can be selected.
The user can choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation, while reducing the possible cost.
2, tin bath Industrial television
is used to observe and monitor the position of the drawing machine, holder and board edge in the tin bath. Water-cooled protective film or pinhole protective film should be used. These multiple cameras can use one end, long end, long multi-end network topology connection or hard disk video system to configure a multimedia remote video surveillance system.

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