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What are the front-end components of the heating f

Source: time: 2021-08-19

Along with the development trend of industrial production, a lot of industrial equipment has taken place nearby. In some high-temperature production and processing fields, the operation of this production equipment must be monitored immediately. At this time, everyone must be applied to the heating furnace industrial TV. Many people I think that the heating furnace industrial TV is a kind of TV. In fact, it is a device used to observe the operation of your production equipment. Below, let everyone grasp the structure of the heating furnace industrial TV and the effects of each structure. .

The front part of the high-temperature industrial TV video surveillance system includes cameras, surveillance heads, pan-tilts, protective covers, video decoders and other machinery and equipment. The monitoring head is a pickup, which is a device that converts the sound signal into an electrical signal. After the light signal and sound signal of the scenery are converted into electrical signals, it is conducive to long-distance transmission, enlargement, storage of records and reproduction. The pan/tilt is the medium for installing the camera. The pan/tilt on which the camera is mounted is driven by its motor to rotate horizontally or vertically, or rotate the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, to expand the camera's field of view angle and expand In the field of sight, select the best angle of view and the best lens focal length to capture the scene image to be monitored. The protective cover is mainly used for the maintenance of camera, pan-tilt and other shooting equipment. It has the functions of anti-fouling, waterproof and rain-proof, anti-dew, and reduces the operating noise of the pan-tilt. It also serves as the safety protection of the camera. Video decoder is a device that converts computer control signals into simulated analog working voltage signals, that is, turns the control signals sent from the monitoring center into corresponding working voltages to control the up, down, left, and right rotation or shooting of the pan/tilt Focusing, focusing, focal length, etc. of the camera lens.

It can be seen that the structure of this kind of high-temperature industrial TV is more complicated, and the full effect of different structures is different. I hope that when we use this kind of high-temperature industrial TV, we can follow its application. Regulations come to actual operation to prevent the destruction of high-temperature Industrial televisions caused by incorrect applications, so that stronger applications can be achieved. High-temperature applications can be achieved. The front structure of the high-temperature industrial television video monitoring system is for everyone’s industrial production and manufacturing work. Security assurance.

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