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How to maintain industrial TV to extend the use of

Source: time: 2019-11-13

For those who regularly use industrial TV, they know how to deal with anomalies, but sometimes big problems can't be fixed and they must be routinely maintained to better meet monitoring requirements.


Industrial TV maintenance:


1. Regularly check the mirror air and coolant pressure of the industrial TV airflow control cabinet, such as explosion-proof high-temperature industrial TV (mirror pressure is 0.02MP? 0.1MP, coolant or cooling air pressure is greater than 0.1MP). On-site inspections every week.


2. Regularly visit the site to clean the endoscope air oil water separator in the pneumatic control cabinet.


3, industrial TV repair: Regularly go to the scene to clean the ash near the probe below the cooler probe and inside and outside the electrical cabinet, including the fire cover of the killer probe. It is recommended to clean once every half month or monthly.


4. Regularly check the various piping and cable connections in the system to ensure proper operation of the entire system. If the central control operator finds that the probe is automatically turned off, the on-site service personnel must be notified to check that the mirror wind, coolant or cooling air and temperature meet the requirements and process it in a timely manner.


5. If cooling with water, the return pipe of the system should not be closed. The pressure of the return pipe should be lower than the pressure of the inlet pipe.


In short, the daily maintenance of industrial TVs and the like is mainly caused by sudden operation failure or blurring of the lens in a short time. In terms of downtime maintenance, maintenance includes cleaning the actuator track ash, adding grease, periodically draining water from the compressed air gas water separator, inspecting the piping, cable connections, and periodically checking the cleaning camera.


SG-FL800BY endoscopic glass melting furnace high temperature industrial TV equipment is a special closed circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. It is mainly used in glass furnace melting furnaces, especially in areas where water cooling is not appropriate (north, where water resources are scarce and winter water pipes are prone to bursting).


For fuel oil, coal burning, gas furnace, the equipment can directly extend the camera lens to the observation hole of the furnace wall, and can continuously monitor the working state of the flame and material surface in the furnace in real time in the centralized control room. The distribution position of the bubbling boundary line and the pile and the working condition of the combustion flame of each small furnace mouth can be clearly observed in the melting furnace of the glass factory; the grinding and corrosion of the wall of the melting furnace can also be observed. According to the site environment, the device uses gas-water double-cooling protection to achieve good results.


The system adopts PLC control technology to automatically control the extension and exit of the camera and lens. When the system power supply, compressed air supply and other problems occur and the temperature inside the probe cover is out of range, the mechanism can be automatically removed from the furnace and the device can be automatically protected. The role.


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