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How to choose the high temperature camera model?

Source: time: 2019-11-13

There are many different types of High temperature cameras, so we should know the correct types when choosing. There is a big difference in the type of each device, so we can carefully pay attention to the detailed situation, and after the correct selection, it can be useful to prevent other problems.



Learn more: There will be differences between different types of equipment. Before we make a selection, we must carefully understand all aspects. These are the most important parts for us to make selections. All should be considered in a timely manner, if the understanding we have done is very correct, it can be useful to prevent other problems.


Different types: There are many different types of high temperature resistant cameras on the market. In fact, for the differences between these types, we must carefully compare them. From the perspective of induction, the details of different devices are detailed. What is it, if you can make further knowledge, and then do the selected homework, you can naturally give us a guarantee, so I hope we can pay attention to the method.


 Clarity: Everyone uses a high temperature camera to have different requirements for clarity. What are the detailed requirements? You can consider these aspects in a targeted manner. See if the first resolutions are satisfactory. Our actual needs, so in the process of selection can give us more assurance, so we must investigate these aspects in a timely manner. The clarity will affect the overall viewing, and it will also affect the information we need to know. At this time, we must know in time.


High temperature industrial TV professional camera features:


1, the fifth generation of super dynamic skills, active dark area compensation (ABS), intelligent video motion detection (1-VMD) and other picture compensation skills.


2, high horizontal resolution: 650 lines of colorful forms, is a non-form 700 lines.


3, high sensitivity (day and night type).


4. The three-dimensional color conversion function can reproduce the original color even under low illumination conditions.


5. Adaptive digital noise reduction skills.


6, electronic sensitivity improvement: active (maximum 32 times) / manual (maximum 32 times).


7. The electronic shutter is from 1/120 second to 1/10000 second.


8. Alarm signal input and output port.


9. Active picture stabilizer: It can eliminate the influence of vibration or strong wind on picture clarity.


10, internal synchronization / linear lock / multiplex straight drive (VD2) synchronization.


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