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What to pay attention to when buying a protective

Source: time: 2021-11-04

The protective cover is used to maintain the camera and lens, and is divided into room type and outdoor type. Pay attention to when choosing a protective cover:

1) According to the installation location, the protective cover in the room or outdoor should be selected appropriately. The key function of the protective cover in the room is anti-fouling. In addition to the anti-fouling of the outdoor protective cover, the more critical effect is to maintain the camera in a variety of extreme geographic environments (tears such as rain, snow, ultra-low temperature, high temperature, etc.). At work. Therefore, the outdoor 24-hour protective cover not only has a more serious sealing structure, but also has a variety of functions such as wiper, self-spraying, temperature raising and lowering. As a result, the price of outdoor protective covers far exceeds that of indoor protective covers. Special attention must be paid to the fact that in some cities, the temperature changes in the four seasons are not large, and they are all within the operating temperature of the camera. In that case, a general outdoor protective cover without temperature control function can be used to reduce costs.

2) Choose the protective cover of the corresponding specification. The size of the protective cover should exceed the sum of the specifications of the camera and lens, otherwise, the camera and lens cannot be installed.
3) If a protective cover with temperature control function is selected, the power supply system for the protective cover should be considered; if a protective cover with a wiper function is selected, it can be operated according to the decoder if there is a decoder, if there is no decoder, it should be considered Add a car relay to operate.

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