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Introduce in detail the high-temperature industria

Source: time: 2021-10-25

SG-FL520 type endoscopic kiln fire watch high-temperature Industrial television equipment is a special closed-circuit television equipment used in high-temperature environments. It is especially suitable for heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, and other industrial high-temperature furnaces in steel plants (the thickness of the furnace wall is about 500mm). It is more widely used when water cooling is not suitable (in the north, where water resources are scarce and water pipes are prone to burst in winter).

For oil, coal, and gas furnaces, this equipment only uses compressed air and does not use water. The camera lens can be directly extended into the furnace (below 2000 ℃) to continuously and real-time monitor the heating, annealing, and steel pipe feeding and discharging in the furnace. Condition and shape of burning flame.

Aiming at the scientific design of airflow distribution, a rotating air curtain is formed in front of the lens, which increases the strength and blowing area of the air curtain, effectively prevents the dust in the furnace from contacting the lens objective lens, and achieves a better dust-proof and dust-proof effect. The system equipment can operate continuously and stably for a long time under the condition of basically maintenance-free.

The system uses PLC control technology to automatically control the extension and exit of the camera and the lens. When there is a problem with the system power supply, compressed air supply, and the temperature in the probe cover exceeds the range, the mechanism can be automatically exited from the furnace to automatically protect the equipment. The role of.

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