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"Follow" how to choose the right high temperature

Source: time: 2019-11-13

High-temperature industrial TV is widely used in various fields such as metallurgy, building materials, electronics, machinery, etc., and the field of application is becoming more and more extensive. This skill is also constantly innovating, generally choosing this kind of high-temperature industrial TV, according to the furnace. Different types of production processes, there are certain differences in the selection. In two cases, the furnace temperature is 1200 ° C, the temperature of the annealing furnace is generally 800 ° C, and the thickness of the furnace wall is generally 350 mm, generally pay attention to two aspects.


The first is the entry and exit of steel pipes, whether it will present double pipes, which will lead to damage to the furnace, and the second is to see if the flame condition of the burner is normal. There is also a case where the temperature of the heating furnace is 1600 ° C, and the wall of Baidu is generally 700 mm. At this time, we have to look at three aspects. First, the bubbling condition is normal. Second, the flame incineration is observed. Third, the accumulation of the glass solution is observed. . These situations are some of the aspects that we need to consider when choosing high-temperature industrial TV.


 Endoscopic kiln see fire high temperature industrial TV


Endoscopic kiln fire high temperature industrial TV equipment is a special closed circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. Especially suitable for steel furnace heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, waste treatment plant incinerator, power plant boiling furnace and other industrial high temperature furnace (the thickness of the furnace wall exceeds 500mm). In the case where water cooling is not appropriate (north, areas where water is scarce and winter water pipes are prone to bursting) are more widely used.


In the melting furnace of the glass factory, the scattering direction of the bubble boundary and the pile can be clearly observed, as well as the operation of burning the flame at each small furnace mouth; the grinding and corrosion of the wall of the melting furnace can also be observed. According to the site environment, the equipment uses gas-water double-cooling maintenance to make the camera operate safely and reliably for a long time on a glass melting furnace with high temperature and dust pollution. The glass factory can display various parts of the kiln according to the monitor screen. The actual situation, timely adjustment of the melting furnace control system, so that its operation in the * good melting situation. The date of cold repair and hot repair can be determined based on the corrosion of the pool wall. The realization of the leaping from the traditional traditional observation method to the modern automatic observation method not only reduces the labor intensity of the labor, but also turns the original intermittent observation into a continuous and complete observation, which improves the economic efficiency of the automation equipment. .


 For fuel oil, coal burning, gas furnace, the equipment only uses compressed air, no water (glass furnace melting furnace uses gas and water double cooling maintenance), the camera lens can be directly extended into the kiln (below 2000 °C) to supervise the furnace in real time. Internal material heating, annealing, waste incineration and incineration flame shape of cinder.


The electric control adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller, which greatly improves the operability and reliability of the system. Users can freely program according to their own requirements; the equipment provides users with perfect automatic maintenance functions, in over-temperature, gas-stop, power outage At the same time, the probe can automatically exit the furnace.


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